Hi, I’m Esther. I am a millennial that still lives at home with her mother, shocker. I teach hormonal high schoolers math. I am not a self proclaimed traveler but people keep telling me I’m “never here” and I do have a goal to fill up all the pages in my passport by the time it expires in 2021. Here happens to be sunny South Florida. It is also worth mentioning that I lived in Panama City, Panama for three years. Like a good millennial (Or multi-potential-ite as a TED talk I listened to put it) I think its time to switch gears and jump to my next adventure. Although I love my job (2.5 months “paid” vacation, not to mention Winter and Spring break) I stereotypically cannot picture it dictating my life for the next 20-something years. There’s a lot more I could say [I get pedi’s religiously, I’m Haitian, I low-key love Old Navy, I gain and loose the same 5lbs every month, I’m one of 29 grandchildren on my mother’s side, I’m great at math with a pencil and paper but freeze up if you ask me to do it in my head, I freaking LOVE Jesus, ice cream, fireworks and bike riding those are the keys to my heart, etc.] lots of things but I won’t bore you. Hopefully my journey can help your journey. If you have questions, ask!