Factoring/FOILing Tarsia

Factoring and Foiling/multiplying Polynomials activity This is an activity I have used twice in two different schools. This factoring Tarsia puzzle is great for right after you teach factoring (whena=1) or foiling/multiplying binomials. In the first school, they got it in about 10 minutes. The second school depending on the class it took about 20 […]

Factoring Trinomials a=1 Break out box Escape room

Factoring Trinomials! Break out box/Break in Box escape room for factoring polynomials! Product now up on TPT CLICK HERE! (not editable) Product now up on TPT CLICK HERE! (editable) All pictures of products are Amazon Affiliate links! I do receive a commission for anything purchased! Just a disclaimer. I got to use a break out lesson […]

6 Reasons why Quizizz is better than Kahoot

Using Quizizz in the classroom If you love Kahoot!… YOU WILL LOVE QUIZIZZ.COM  This post is being brought to you by The Creative Classroom PLC (and a mild threat from my assistant principal).   Step-by-step PowerPoint included! Very user-friendly! Introducing Teachers to Quizizz (Interactive PD)   Reasons we LOVE quizizz.com: Time Saver/LOW Prep Not for […]