How to use an Instagram Bio Template in Math

Instagram Bio Templates are a creative way for students to demonstrate knowledge and characteristics of the subject being taught in class. It’s no secret that the reason I give my students interesting things to do in class is primarily to entertain myself. These Instagram Bio templates are a HOOT! They are super relevant and kids really […]

Trasketball & How to get students to stop flying paper balls

How to Play Trasketball I did not make this up! In fact, I am super late to the game. Trasketball has been around for centuries, maybe. Mrs. E teaches plays it like this.  Another person plays it like this. If you google “trasketball” you’ll be sure to find a ton of other ways to review also! […]

How to use a board game for review in the classroom

Free board game printable! Recently I have become very active in the Instagram world, finding teachers and seeing what they are up to in the classroom. I saw a teacher who has all the board game packs for his TPT store. So I thought I could make a board game template and easily play that […]