Pi Day Activities

I love Pi day! This post will give you a taste(see what I did there?) of different Pi Day Activites you can try out in your own classroom!


  1. Circle Shuffle Board
  2. Pi in the sky/ Pi-line
  3. Pi in Pictures
  4. Memorizing the digits of Pi competition
  5. Who can get the closest to Pi
  6. Pi Day Poster
  7. EATING Pi(e)


  • Circle Shuffle Board

Materials Needed: Painters tape, Mater sticks, small flat round object

How to play: 1.) Make three concentric circles on the ground. 2.) Tee up the small object. 3.) With the meter stick try to get the object in the smallest circle.


  • Pi in the Sky/ Pi Line

Materials Needed: Graph Paper, digits of Pi, markers/crayons/color pencils

How to: 1.) Using the digits of Pi color the number of blocks for each digit. 2.) Color the scene creatively like a city skyline.


  • Pi in Pictures

Materials: 8.5 by 11 paper, markers/sharpies, digits of Pi

How to: 1.)Write each digit 0-9 about 2 or 3 times on separate sheets. 2.) Line up students in groups of 5. 3.)Hand digits out in order. 4.) Cross of digit after use. 5.)Repeat with next 5 digits.

Imagine doing this every year of your teaching career. Cover their faces with the numbers if you work in Public school.

  • Memorizing the digits of Pi

Materials: None

How to: Send them home to do this. Have them write it or recite it.

My friend Rory from @ITEACHALGEBRA thinks this activity is pointless. Went on a whole rant about how it is educationally useless haha. I think its fun to do but totally agree about the value.


  • Who can get the closest to pi

Materials: Various round objects

How to: 1.) Have students select various round objects around the room. 2.) Have them measure the circumference. 3.) Have them measure the diameter. 4.) Each group must divide C/d. 5.) Whichever group gets the closest to 3.14 or 22/7 wins!


  • Pi(e) Day Poster

Materials: Whatever the kids want to use

How to: Before Pi Day give the students a HW assignment to make a Pi(e) day poster. Tell them that as a class we will vote and the best will win. Great way to get the festivities going!

  • Eating Pie

Materials: Pies and other random round food.

How to: Distribute and eat!


Traditionally this day was designated for extra credit. Every competition or activity is a way to gain 5 points and because Pi Day usually fell towards the end of the third quarter it was super convenient. I also did most of my Pi day extravaganzas when I was at a private school where testing wasn’t a constraint on curriculum and time. Enjoy!

Also, excuse my low-quality photography most of these are facebook memories from a former time.



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