Factoring Polynomials Foldables

Factoring Polynomials Foldables! Trinomials, a=1, a>1, Difference of 2 Squares, GCF, Solving.

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If you need a reference for each type of problem that a student encounters while factoring this resource is for YOU!

This year I finally decided to make my own notes. I just can’t seem to land the factoring plane JUST right. With making my own notes I was finally able to execute the topic a bit more smoothly. Any time we did a mix of problems it was easier to point them to a specific foldable than to just state the name of the problem. I found it helpful and so will you! Get them now or regret it later…

What you will find…

Factoring Foldables:
A=1, A>1, Difference of 2 squares, Factoring a GCF/Factoring completely, Solving by factoring

5 Foldables

Not Included:
Answer Keys (problems are easy enough =))


Note to the Teacher:
1.Factoring a=1- in this foldable you will find 4 examples, a general rule and 4 format rules for factoring when a=1 (ex. when x2-bx+c Both factors will be negative.)

2.Factoring a>1- In this foldable you will find the British method/grouping method, there are 4 examples, 2 examples have formatted steps and the other 2 do not, you will also find detailed step by step instructions.

3.Difference of 2 Squares- in this foldable you will find 4 examples, the rule is more of a diagram of how to break things down, 1 example is out of format (I.e. -100+49×2).

4.Factoring the GCF- This is basically factoring completely, You will find 3 examples, 1 is a=1, a>1 & D.O.T.S., one example just requires factoring out a GCF and nothing else.

5. Solving by Factoring-You will find 4 examples, 1 is a=1, a>1, D.O.T.S., 1 example is already set equal to zero and others require you to do so.

Factoring Polynomials & Trinomials Foldables


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