Composite Figures- The My Dream Home Project

Composite Figures Activity/ Project

This activity is a fun way for students to take their Geometry skills and apply it to the real world. They get to design a floorplan of their home! This project lets them use what they know about composite figures to find the total square footage of their house.

You can find this product HERE on TPT.

You can also watch a 2 min video showcasing some student projects and a break down of what you’ll receive.  Enjoy!

Description on TPT

Welcome to the My Dream Home project.
Take what you know about composite figures and make a floor plan for your dream home.
Things your home needs:
A name (every cool house has a cool name)
A bedroom (you need a place to sleep)
A bathroom (hygiene is important)
A kitchen (you have to eat)
You’re going to cut shapes (on the following pages) and arrange them to make a house. Make sure your home has no gaps, that would be weird.
Paste them onto colored paper/construction paper.
Once you’ve designed it how you want it you’re going to find the total square footage of your home. Do this by finding the area of each shape and adding them all together.

Note to the teacher:
Hi there!
I use the product after teaching composite figures. It’s a fun way to add some real-life application to this topic. It is A wonderful way to inspire a future architect!
I have the students draw on the boundaries of rooms and label things on their floor plan so I can see the kitchen bedroom and bathroom.
I also have them turn in the first 4 pages of this packet with their project so it’s easier to grade with the rubric present.


Composite Figures My Dream Home Project


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