Volume of Cones and Pyramids Lab

Discovering the formula for the volume of Cones and Pyramids!

Really simple activity! I exaplain step-by-step and there’s a video at the end too if you prefer that.

I did this with water but you can also do it with rice some of my insta-friends told me!

    1. Have some fillable 3D solids. I used the ones below (click on pitcure to go to amazon affiliate link):
    2. Pu them in partners. Three goups at a time.
    3. Have them fill up Cones/Pyramids and dump the contents into Cylinder/Prism with the same height and base.
    4. Have them describe the relationship. I used this workseet to help them process step-by-step.
    5. They should come to the conclusions that the relationship is 1/3.
    6. Simple and Fun!

Volumes of Cones and Pyramids Lab


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