Characteristics of Polynomials Bingo

Who doesn’t love BINGO!? Polynomial Bingo is the best! Characteristics of polynomials is such a basic skill and the depth of knowledge is pretty shallow. Playing this game along with them was a fun and a great way to get them to practice and recognize them on the spot.

Funny story: I had a student raise her hand and say, “I think I got BINGO.” Of course, I’m over here like you either got Bingo or you didn’t! Her neighbor was like well you have to put a chip on your free space. And she was so sweet and said I’ve never played Bingo before. Sometimes I take for granted such American things. This little girl is an Asian immigrant who has been here awhile but not long enough to have ever played Bingo and I just overlooked that there was a possibility that I would need to explain the rules. Moral of the story: Be better.


The link to this activity is here!

Characteristics of Polynomial Bingo

Characteristics of Polynomials
Polynomial Bingo
Skills: Leading Coefficient, Degree (quadratic, linear, cubic), Number of Terms (monomial, binomial, trinomial)
10 Unique Bingo Cards
24 descriptions of Polynomials (on 6 sheets)
1 blank Bingo Board
1 blank set of bingo cards (in case you get creative!)
NOT Included:

1.Print 3 sets of Bingo Boards (30 students/boards)
2. There will be repeats depending on the amount of students
3. About 3 winners per round (30 students/boards)
4. Print 1 set of Bingo Cards
5. SHUFFLE them real good!


Characteristics of Polynomials Bingo


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