Factoring/FOILing Tarsia

Factoring and Foiling/multiplying Polynomials activity

This is an activity I have used twice in two different schools.

This factoring Tarsia puzzle is great for right after you teach factoring (whena=1) or foiling/multiplying binomials.

In the first school, they got it in about 10 minutes. The second school depending on the class it took about 20 mins-90 mins. No joke. It takes a GREAT eye for matching the pieces because signs and numbers are very similar.

This activity is super free. I found it on this person’s blog. You can find:

Factoring/Foiling Tarsia

Rational Exponents Tarsia

Logarithms Tarsia (but she/he calls it a jigsaw)

You can print it from his/her blog which is what I did.

It is also available on my TPT here! For free of course, because that would be crazy plagiarism.

Feel free to Pin!

Factoring Foiling Tarsia Puzzle Pin


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