6 Reasons why Quizizz is better than Kahoot

Using Quizizz in the classroom
If you love Kahoot!…
This post is being brought to you by The Creative Classroom PLC (and a mild threat from my assistant principal).
Step-by-step PowerPoint included! Very user-friendly!
Reasons we LOVE quizizz.com:
  • Time Saver/LOW Prep
  • Not for Time
  • No Cheating
  • Quiet
  • Easy HW/No prep Sub Work
  • DATA!
Time Saver/Low Prep– Quizizz has a setting that allows you to take individual questions from other already made Quizizzs on the website. Why reinvent the wheel?
Not for time– You can take off the time setting so kids aren’t always trying to get there the fastest.
No Cheating- Questions & answers are shuffled for each student. Questions are on the phone and not on the screen. 
Quiet- Students are contained in their groups or individually. Kahoot can get a little CRAY with everyone looking on the screen and celebrating at the same time.
Easy HW/No prep Sub work– There is a HW feature where you can set up a game from a certain start time to an end time. Tell them the Code on canvas or REMIND or leave it for the sub.
Data– At the end, it tells you the classes accuracy, which questions had the most struggle. Which students got which questions wrong. 
Fun facts!
  • From your laptop, you can see and project the leaderboard. Students can see who is winning and can knock each other off the top ranking. They LOVE THIS!
  • COMING SOON: the ability to have multiple responses, the ability to input picture into the answer choices.
  • Quizizz often reaches out to educators on Instagram for input on new features. I suggested the Multiple responses and they got to it right away!


I and my friend Stanke have the incredible privilege of leading a PLC this year. A total accident that we volunteered but ended up being the best thing ever. Putting yourself in a leadership position almost always brings out the leader in you. When I found out about Quizizz through Instagram I was literally so stoked about it! Stanke tried it and also loved it! We actually taught it to our PLC by playing with them! All this to say, 1) don’t be afraid to take charge 2)Don’t be afraid to try something new 3) if you aren’t on Instagram following other teachers YOU ARE MISSING OUT on the most fun way to connect and learn from other teachers.

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