Pardon the Mess we are Learning

Pardon the mess we are learning in here. A classroom poster printable.

The other day we were playing Trasketball. Which is great and if you haven’t played this game you need to try it! Check it out here!

The kids were struggling and they were not getting to make as many shots as usual. They were ITCHING to throw some paper balls. They asked if they could have a paper ball fight and I said yes! I’m crazy!! The room was a MESS! Have you ever been there? Have you ever let the kids do something that had no educational value? You should try it. You should allow yourself and them the freedom to make memories.

You know those signs in people’s homes that say, “Pardon the mess, we live here.”? Messy homes make memories. Messy classrooms make progress. Learning is happening. I think that’s okay. My students mess with me because I won’t let them be late to class but we play games like trasketball. They’re not used to the paradox. I can have standards for them while still having fun. You can too!

Find this poster in my TPT store here!

Working on a bundle of messy class posters! Keep an eye out!

Tell me your messy stories!


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