How to use an Instagram Bio Template in Math

Instagram Bio Templates are a creative way for students to demonstrate knowledge and characteristics of the subject being taught in class.

It’s no secret that the reason I give my students interesting things to do in class is primarily to entertain myself. These Instagram Bio templates are a HOOT! They are super relevant and kids really enjoy finding funny and creative ways to incorporate their characteristics into the bio.

One way I decided to use the insta-bio was with our chapter on triangle types. You can also find sample student work that is HILARIOUS! You’re welcome.

You can find the bio template in my TPT store HERE!

Triangles Insta Bio

Triangle types: Acute, Right, Obtuse, Equilateral, Scalene, Isosceles

Characteristics of each triangle: 180 degrees, three sides

Acute: three acute angles

Right: One 90 degree angle

Obtuse: One obtuse angle

Equilateral: 3 equal sides, 3 equal angles, 60 degrees each

Scalene: No equal sides

Isosceles: Two equal sides, 2 equal base angles, one vertex angle


Student Highlights from left to right:

Student 1- Equilateral triangle. “If you add all my posts followers and following you get my interior sum [60, 60, 60}.” “Equality makes me who I am.” lol

Student 3- “Wishing there were less sqaure[s] at my party.” “The party was just right.”

Student 4- “Click on the link in my bio for some acute fashion sales. Everything is less than 90.” SO CLEVER!

Student 6- Scalene triangle. “Nobody is congruent to me.”

Other ways to use the bio template:

  1. use to describe a character from a book or story ENGLISH
  2. describe characteristics of a shape (polygons, quadrilaterals, different types of triangles) MATH
  3. project on a historical figure HISTORY
  4. demonstrate knowledge of an element SCIENCE
  5. personify a disease HEALTH

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