How to use a board game for review in the classroom

Classroom Board Game
Free Board game printable for any classroom! Free on TPT. Store Name: Esther Brunat.
Free board game printable!

Recently I have become very active in the Instagram world, finding teachers and seeing what they are up to in the classroom. I saw a teacher who has all the board game packs for his TPT store. So I thought I could make a board game template and easily play that with my class! I made one! You can find it in my new TPT store for FREE!

Method #1:
1. Split the class into pairs or let them choose their opponent
2. Give each pair 1 game board, 1 die, 2 game pieces
3. Every pair chooses player 1 and player 2
4. Put a problem up on the board
5. Player 1 solves the problem or answers the question
6. Player 2 checks player 1’s answer that is given by the teacher after time is called
7. If player 1 gets it right, player 1 rolls the die and moves forward that many spaces
8. Switch players, put up a new problem and repeat
9. If a student lands on a space that says “cross the bridge”, they cross, if they land on a space that says “go back” they must go back, first one the cross the finish line wins!

Method #2:
Instead of putting problems up on the board give each pair of students a set of problem cards with answers on the back. Studnet 1 picks up a problem solves it and students 2 can check the back for the answer. More prep but minimal teacher involvement.

Method #3
Give them matching sort cards. Have them check themselves, given an answer key or you can run around like a chicken with your head cut off (like I do) and check each group as they go.

The possibilities are endless.


I WOULD LOVE to see what you come up with!

Here is the link to the FREE board game printable!


 Pros and Perks
– If you set it up right it can be a very independent activity
– The friendly competition keeps everyone engaged
– The competition keeps them from cheating or doing the work for the other
-Quote from my student “I’m probably going to pass this test just cuz we played this game”
-Quote from my student “In this class we actually have fun”

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