How to setup your classroom without using rows (and keep your sanity)

I LOVE the U, and I am not talking about the Miami Hurricanes. If you’re like me then you think the idea of putting your students in groups is cute but in reality a nightmare and you only do it when you know administration is doing walk throughs. You have probably tried different set ups […]

School Swag: Can upping your wardrobe make a difference in the classroom?

This post was fun! Look out for more, but a few disclaimers: I’m sucking my tummy in during all these photos. Taking pictures of myself makes me feel SO VAIN. Below you will find a compilation of five outfits worn during the first two weeks of school. The plan was to document all ten outfits […]

How to recover after you’ve wounded a student

Promise me you won’t look at me any differently after you’ve read these stories? Almost every person I know has a horror story from their school days about a teacher. If my students kept therapy jars, in general they’d be empty (okay maybe not empty, maybe they’d each have a nickel or two because of […]

3 Things to get your students used to in week 1

I always skip past the thoughtful intro to a blog post and go right to the meat. I’ll do you a favor and cut loose the pleasantries. I noticed I was intentionally getting my students used to three things in week one and here they are: Being wrong- This nonsense about protecting the student’s ego […]