A Correction Sheet- for more than just a test

Love a good test correction sheet. Students get to reflect on what they did wrong. On the test correction sheet, they fix their mistakes. They get to really see how to do better in the future. Wouldn’t it be great if all that learning was happening before they took a test? What if they figured out where they were making common mistakes after HW or after a quiz. I started grading HW for correctness this year.

I’m crazy, right? I give them a bunch of problems but I only grade 5 of them. I nitpick at them so they know what they are doing wrong. Then I give them this fancy correction sheet and have them spend time fixing their HW. I don’t nitpick the correction sheet and those two assignments balance each other out.

Introducing COME CORRECT! A test correction form for more than just tests. Test correction sheets are so boring and lame. This one is fun and has inspirational quotes and it is FREE just for you. Pop in your email and you will get it straight to your inbox.

UPDATE: This is now available at my TPT store! Find it HERE!!!

A Correction Sheet for more than just a test




What my students have said:

Sabby: “Oooo she said you betta come correct!” They love the double meaning. Come correct is slang for approaching something with a respectful attitude but also literally means correct these problems.

Beckford: “Oh that old one was lame.  the new one is way better.” Presentation matters.




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