Perfect Squares Classroom Poster

This is a classroom poster for a Perfect Squares list. Colorful and Bright perfect for any classroom!

Another freebie! Yay.

Print it HUGE at Office Depot for less than $6. Click here!

UPDATE:: You can now get this resource at my TPT store! RIGHT HERE!

Our new curriculum has us starting out the year simplifying radicals in Algebra 1. A list of Perfect Squares is a MUST. Cannot survive without it. It is on the wall as a constant reminder of what the relationship is between “the little tiny two” and its impact on a “normal size number.” Then you can make jokes about wishing the school board would square your paychecks.

Want this awesome freebie to hang up in your classroom? Drop your email below. It comes in 4 different styles. Pick the best one for you and your classroom, OR hang up all four!



Shout out to a new Insta-friend @iteachalgebra. She did this by hand! I just digitized it for the people. Check out her TPT store here!



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