Classroom Novelties

Fun stuff for your classroom!

If you’re made of money, like most teachers are, you probably spend all your tons of money decorating your classroom with fun stuff just to add a little umph to the school day!

We get a fortune, :::lots of sarcasm implied:::, to buy things for our rooms here in good old South Florida. This year I used it to spice up the room a little bit. Below you will find some of the fun Classroom Goodies.

1. Ice Cream Scoop Doorstop

I’m obsessed with ice cream! It is my weakness and the reason that in my bio I say that I gain and loose the same 5 lbs every month. My dear friend, Stanke, who  is across the hall from me got a banana peel door stop last year and it’s so fun because now that it is dirty it looks like a legit banana lying on the floor. Reminds me of playing Super Mario Kart.





How cool are Stanke’s Pencil shoes and Paper socks? She wears them on test days to give the kiddos a little extra motivation! The things we do.

I have an aide in period 3 that helps me with two of my students. She goes on a break halfway through the period. When I first got the new doorstop she turned towards the door and said to me, “You gotta find the culprit.” She actually thought someone had dropped an ice-cream cone on the ground. Worth the 14 bucks!

This boomerang depicts the initial state of the doorstop. I thought it didn’t work at first but, turns out it was just too glossy. Get it nice and dirty before you use it. Kick it around for a little bit to get rid of the shine. You’ll be fooling aides in no time.

2. Nose pencil sharpener

How funny is this? You stick a pencil up the nose to sharpen it! I’m a child, I know! They come in a pack of twelve so you can share with your teacher tribe and be gross together. Sometimes you need a quiet sharpener. The electric one makes too much noise when you’re up there teaching. Stick a pencil up your nose to make it better.

I’m a goober.

Boomerang of me sharpening a pencil up my nose. Gooberlicous.

3. XY Coordinate Stamp

I bet your students never have graph paper? Mine either! This is a little fun thing I got at Office Depot. I was upset and decided to treat myself! Anyone else have that as a bad habit? Anyway, I’m super excited to get into some graphing and stamp all the papers. This automatically adds a 4×4 XY axis grid to any paper. Dream. Come. True.


That’s it for now! I’ll keep adding to the list as time goes on. =)



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