Why do we have to learn math?

The age old question continues to plague math teachers across the globe.

Are we ever going to use this?


Can we be honest? Unless they become engineers, accountants, rocket scientists, the answer is no. Then why do you and I waste 180 days a year on this skill?

UPDATE: This is now available at my TPT store! Find it HERE!!!

Cream Doodle Mathematics Classroom Poster copy

Answer this question no more! Saw this on Instagram and found the pin and then found this lovely teacher’s blog. I recreated it and you can get the full version for your classroom for freeeeeeee.

The world needs better thinkers. We need people who can create new iPhone cameras as good as a Canon DSLR, clean up oils spills in the Gulf, design cities that withstand hurricanes, fashion products that are environmentally friendly, build underwater tunnels to connect countries, explain solutions, create self-driving cars, innovate companies that change the hospitality market, find loopholes, etc., etc., etc. We need all of them. We the personal trainers of the brain. Our job is to strengthen the problem-solving muscle in the brain so tomorrow can be better than today. Math teachers keep doing what you do! This gift is a thank you for doing what you do!

Send me your email and it’ll go straight to your inbox. Print that baby out, laminate it, hang it up and point to it every time you get that question (instead of punching them in the face). Remind them that you’re doing them and the world a favor!

I picked mine up from Office Depot and printed it for less than $6. Then laminated it at school. (My secret trick at Office Depot is printing it as an Engineering print. It’s double the size and half the price.) See step-by-step in this post.

Photo Creds to the incredible Alyson Stanke.




  1. Hello Esther. My name is Brittany and I just found your blog scrolling through Pinterest. I love your blog! First of all, I love this poster, and thank you for the tip on poster printing from Office Depot. I’m also a (hopefully only for a couple more years) teacher in South Florida, and have a Haitian background; I think that’s why I can relate to your blog so much. Anyway, keep up the good work!


    1. Brittany! So happy you found my blog and found it helpful! Love that you’re Haitian and teaching in South Florida! I wish you the best and PLEASE feel free to reach out if you need anything! I’d love to help if I can. =) Thanks for the love my dear!


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