Math TikToks Vol. 2

As Math TikToks continue to find me I will continue to put you on.

This is vol 2 if you would like to see vol 1 click here.

  1. Derivative Notation- I haven’t taken or taught calc in a longggg time but all the different ways to express the same thing always kills me
  2. Slope Notation- I think this would be a great way to tie in all the different representations of slope and bridge some gaps with some humor
  3. Function representation- Honestly I’m impresses that this kid noticed that bc his camera was filming the reflection he had to denote the odd functions as y=-x^3 and y=-x
  4. X and Y Axis- X-axis puns and ex-significant other pun always get me
  5. Negative and Positive Roots- The principal roots get allllll the love

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