Math TikToks Vol. 1

I have curated a collection cheesy math videos TikTok.

If you enjoy making your students cringe with cheesy math jokes this is for you!

  1. Parent Functions – this was the first math Tik Tok that ever found me (yes I said found me) it is so delightfully pure

2. Parent Functions 2.0- I loved it so much that I copied it and also had my students make TikToks (you can find that post here)

3. The square root of i and imaginary numbers- this young lady is so clever and I adore this because who doesn’t love Mariah Carey during Christmas??? (I know that’s a lot of you)

4. Periodic Functions- *LANGUAGE WARNING* this definitely contains a cuss word, please so with that what you will but the genius of relating trap music to math is the collab I didn’t know I needed

5. Tan Lines- The week this video went viral I got sent this video 4 separate times because people really know me and this is too on brand


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