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This passed week I created a TikTok project for my students. I shared a few snippets on IG and TikTok and seemed like people were really interested in it. Here I will layout everything about the project for you, especially given that most of the country is social distancing. This may be a good idea for distance learning. (If you are reading this 5 years from now and TikTok still exists just remember the Corona Virus shut down of 2020. That’s what I’m referring to here.)

Download the FREE rubric here!

I will share the introduction, the guidelines, submissions methods and examples here in this post.


TikTok project

Welcome to the  TikTok project. The cringyest project you will ever get in your short high school career. The purpose of this project is to embarrass you and also to have you demonstrate knowledge you have learned throughout this school year and share that knowledge with the world.

Guidelines/ Requirements


  • Must cover one of the approved topics or an alternative topic approved by the teacher
  • Must be 10-60 seconds
  • Must be original content not something that has already been done
  • Anyone in your video must have agreed to be in your video (don’t film someone who doesn’t know you’re filming them or who didn’t agree to let you use the footage)
  • Video doesn’t have to be public it can be private
  • All public videos must contain the appropriate hashtags
  • Video cannot include profanity
  • Video should not trash talk the subject of math
  • Videos can be collaborations
  • Viral videos will win a prize and what is considered viral is contingent upon the current  number of followers you presently have on TikTok
  • Videos are due by 9 am March 14, 2020

Submission methods:

It is important to note that we as teachers can’t force students to download apps. I allow students to make just videos, create a file and submit that file. This method required that I downloaded each of these submissions to watch them. Not my favorite.

It is also important to note that when posting a TikTok if it is public there is an option that allows you to copy a link and share it. I found that when having students submit assignments, this was my favorite method of submission. I just opened the link and watched it.


I had my students submit on Canvas. Canvas is our districts LMS. I LOVE IT! On canvas I have the ability to open up an assignment submission box. There, the students can attach a link to their TikTok or a file (for those who don’t use the app).

Canvas also allows me to put a rubric into the assignment so that when I am grading it my students can see the feedback from each category in the rubric right there. I LOVED THIS!

If you download the resource there is a page that shows you step-by-step how to import this into Canvas is you are a Canvas user! Download the resource here for FREE!


I am not a google classroom user but I am pretty sure you can submit files to Google classroom. Or you could make a Google Form and either allow them to drop a link or upload a file to the form.


If you want to be super old school a suppose you could have them email you the links or attach the files.



Here is some of my AWESOME student examples that were made public on TikTok which is why I can show them to you. =)



Parent Functions and Ping Pong Shots

The first and most solid submission:

Squaring Binomials & Twins

Pi Day Submissions:

100 digits of Pi

Pi Tattoo

Parent Functions:

Parent Functions be lit

Parent functions & fries

Parent Functions walked in

Random Examples:

i vs √-1

Talking to my X


Quadratic formula lyrics

Feel free to search #mathtoks on TikTok to see more!


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