Beginning YouTube

My brother, Leonard, has this weird habit of hyping himself up. July 10, TWELVE days after my birthday he’s telling me he got me a really good gift. “Something you want, maybe even something you NEED. The whole thing isn’t here yet and I just don’t know if I should wait until it’s all here.”
The USPS lady arrives at our door on the 10th and a big long box is at the door. I proceed to rip it open. To me it looked like a bag for a tent. It was a studio lighting kit. Then he runs out of the room with part two: a camera.
Really nonchalant he says, “I bought you this so you could be a YouTube superstar.”
In this exploration season I find that I believe in myself but I’m shocked when other people believe in me especially to the point of investing in me.
When I showed Leonard my first video I told him not to make fun of me. And he said, “I bought the stuff so you would do it. Why would I make fun of you when you did?”
I think I’ll be quoting that story for a long time.
Watch (more like listen) to this poor quality video of me freaking out once I realized it was not a tent 😂.
Click here for an Introduction to my YouTube Channel A Good Angle!

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