Ezra: Reflections on Race and Restoration Day 6- Reimagining Ourselves

6:13- end of Ezra
The Jews finish the house of the Lord. A BUNCH OF TIME goes by and Ezra leads another massive group of Jews back home. When Ezra gets there the people snitch about all the sin running rampant amongst the Jews. They decide to repent and make a whole list of offenders. This is how the book ends. WHAT???

My Reflections:
Here is what I loved. Before Ezra returns with the second group it says in verse 6:19 that the people celebrated Passover.

Today is short and tomorrow we will get back to Jeremiah but I need us to camp out here for a minute with this thought.

Did the Jews celebrate passover in Babylon? Even if they did this is the first time in a LONG time that they are getting to enjoy this tradition at home. Where it started. African Americans will never know that. That breaks my heart.

For so so long the African American identity has been rooted in oppression. The White American rooted in oppressing. I think it is time to reimagine ourselves.

Your Reflections:
What do celebrations look like on the other side (ex. Junteenth and/or 4th of July)?
What new values will we uphold?
What will we have to get rid of to uphold those values?


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