Intro to Ezra: Reflections on Race and Restoration

I am really excited to go on this journey with you. The book of Ezra dropped into my lap through all of this racial unrest and the story recounted of a captive people on their way to restoration really struck me so I dug into it and decided to write a 7 day reflection on the book and times of Ezra. These posts will primarily relate to what restoration might look like and what it would take.

  • I am finding similarities not necessarily using an analogy
  • Please don’t misinterpret my writings as Black people in America being punished by God and placed into exile (what Jews went through and what Black people are going through are similar but not the same, these writing are not to discredit any Jewish struggle)
  • I am no Bible scholar I just really like reading my Bible
  • I can’t spell and grammar is not my thing, I’m a math teacher by trade LOL
  • These writings are very White-centered because even as a Black person I’m still trying to figure out how to decenter whiteness in my own life
  • Every day will start with some background history, which part of scripture we are reading that day, my personal reflections and the last part will always be questions for you to process and think about
  • We will spend most of our time in Ezra we will also jump over to Jeremiah chapter 29 and the book of Haggai
  • I am using the ESV, NIV, NLT and mostly the Daily Bible in Chronological Order because it has great historical background (HIGHLY RECOMMEND get it here!)
  • White people talk to White people about this stuff, I promise that’s the secret sauce to all this

Hope you’ll join me!! =)


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